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A law firm is only as good as the attorneys managing it. At Ford, Kriekard, Soltis & Wise, P.C. of Portage, MI, we have highly skilled and experienced attorneys running the firm. They have extensive experience in various fields of law, and can help you with any legal situation you may face.

William Kriekard

  • Civil litigation

  • Criminal litigation

  • Probate

  • Real estate

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Our law firm is locally owned and operated. We'll always be available to assist you.

Robert Soltis

  • Municipal law

  • Business litigation

  • Construction litigation

  • Environmental law

Robert Wise

  • Tax law

  • Estate planning

  • Family law

  • Law services for corporations and LLCs

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The biggest factor in the success of Ford, Kriekard, Soltis & Wise, P.C. is its focus on delivering results. We have legally assisted several businesses and individuals like you since we first started in 1887.

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