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The world, as we know it today, can be a dangerous place. If, God forbid, something unexpected happens to you, it will affect your family emotionally and financially. Don't let that happen. You should plan ahead by using the probate law services provided by Ford, Kriekard, Soltis & Wise, P.C. of Portage, MI.

Wide Range of Probate Law Services

  • Probating deceased estates

  • Conservatorships

  • Guardianships

  • Probate litigation

  • Estate planning

  • Wealth transfer programs

  • Wills, trusts, and living wills

  • Power of attorney

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You can also approach us for legal assistance with real estate law, deeds, land contracts, and rights agreements. We will assist you through the entire probate process.

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At Ford, Kriekard, Soltis & Wise, P.C., we believe in letting our experience do the talking. Our attorneys have been successfully helping our clients since we first started in 1887!

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